High Quality Content Rich Curriculum for Classrooms & Parents

Freedom in Education shares curricula that empower children with materials that strengthen a belief in family and American ideals. Here is a sampling of the offerings in our curriculum portal. We will continue to build on this curriculum.

  • The 1776 Unites curriculum
  • HEART Sex Ed
  • HomeFront Kids .
  • PragerUKids
  • How To: Life skills and character development for tweens and teens.
  • TBH History:¬†Honest recaps and hilarious skits for middle and high school kids about important moments in history
  • Street Smarts Civics Edition: U.S. civics and history lessons in a fun quiz show that will have your kids laughing while they learn.
  • US Presidents
  • The Good and the Beautiful
  • Introductory Resources: .
  • Fathom the Good
  • Forgotten American Stories
  • Restoring Liberty
  • Exclusive Resources
  • The Bathwater Brigade
  • 1142: The Great Law of Peace (Coming soon)
  • Additional Resources for Purchase
    • Holocaust Curricula

Coming Soon

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