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Virtues Cultivation: A Q&A With Big Sky Life Books

By: Sabrina Caserta In honor of Freedom In Education's virtues campaign we wanted to highlight one of our partners in our Good Book Drive- Big Sky... The Infiltration of Chinese Spyware in Our Classrooms

BY: SABRINA CASERTA Freedom in Education (FIE) uncovered, a Chinese-owned financial corporation that provides tutoring services, has infiltrated American classrooms across the country-- and...
Senate Bill 220

Georgia’s Senate Bill 220 Paved the Way for Highly Divisive Ideology to Be Taught In Our Children’s Classrooms

By: Melissa Jackson On January 29th, 2024, Dr. Marc Bauerlein, emeritus professor at Emory University, wrote an article about a grant issued by the National...
money laundering

The Nonprofit Money Laundering Scheme to Usher Neo-Marxism into Our Schools 

BY: SABRINA CASERTA  In the wake of the announcement of the Educating for American Democracy (EAD) Implementation initiative awarding $600,000 in grant money for K-5...
global citizen

Spirituality Education: The Mass Production of ‘Global Citizens’

By: Brody Petska With the amount of news stories reaching an insurmountable peak, and more of them surrounding education, it’s tough to cut through all...

Cambiando la Trayectoria con Xiomara Castro Episodio 2

¿Sabían qué la mayoría de las bibliotecas escolares contienen libros obscenos? Esta es parte 1 de este tema. Estén atentos a futuros episodios, entrevistas, análisis...

Guest Op-Ed: Ageism, Discrimination and a Cover-Up in Cherokee County Schools

By: Alan Bastanpour  After living in Cherokee County, Georgia for over 25 years and working within their education system for 15, I am here to...
freedom in education

Freedom In Education Founders Podcast Episodes 6 & 7

In this Part 1 episode, Beanie Geoghegan speaks with Brian Fink, teacher and hobby farmer, about the art of classroom management. Part 2:
Good Book Drive

The ALA Defends Sexually Explicit Books: Where are our Virtues?

By: Mary Miller Early exposure to sexually explicit or pornographic material can harm young children. This proven concept seems logical, well-founded, and sensible – not...
The STATE of EDUCATION in AMERICA (1)-compressed

Education: 66% of American Parents Concerned!

At Freedom in Education, we are committed to bringing you the truth. What is true is only sometimes easy to receive.   The State of...

Leading Students Up The Mountain

By: Beanie Geoghegan  The Classical Education Symposium: A Recap Recently, I had the privilege of attending The Classical Education Symposium in Phoenix, AZ, hosted by...
freedom in education

Freedom In Education Founders Podcast Episodes 4 & 5

In this episode, Beanie Geoghegan speaks with Daniel Buck, teacher, author, & Editorial and Policy Associate at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute about his book,...
School choice for teachers in the classroom

Kentucky School Choice: Our Stories

What is Kentucky School Choice Stories? Kentucky School Choice Stories is a project to show some personal stories, so people will be able to understand...

When It Comes To Public Education, Incentives Matter

As seen in the Independent Women's Forum  By: Beanie Geoghegan It is becoming increasingly clear that it is financially beneficial for schools to create, exacerbate,...

Cambiando la Trayectoria con Xiomara Castro Episodio 1

Bienvenidos al primer podcast de Cambiando la trayectoria. Xiomara Castro, una de las cofundadoras nos habla de por qué se formó FIE, así como nuestra...

Six Education Lies That Have Lingered

By: Beanie Geoghegan Seasoned teachers and experienced parents could compile a book of all the various deceptions and fabrications regarding education over the past several...
freedom in education

Special Edition Freedom In Education Founders Podcast: Georgia Legislation Breakdown

Special Edition Episode 3: Georgia Legislation Breakdown Welcome to this special edition 1 hour Freedom In Education Founders Podcast where our co-founders, Melissa Jackson and...
freedom in education

Freedom In Education Founders Podcast Episodes 2 and 3

Episode 2: The 7 Myths of Education Part 1 Welcome to the  Freedom In Education Founders Podcast where our co-founder, Beanie Geoghegan is joined by...
professional development

When Professional Development Becomes Unprofessional It’s Time for a Change

By: Beanie Geoghegan Teaching is a profession. As with any profession, it is sometimes necessary to hone or fine-tune the skills that improve performance, or...
great oaks homeschool

The Story of a Homeschool Co-op: Great Oaks Are Growing In Rural Kentucky

By: Beanie Geoghegan  Since the 2017-18 school year, homeschooling has increased exponentially in almost every state. The school closures during the pandemic served as a...

Freedom In Education Founders Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1: What Is Freedom In Education? Welcome to the first ever Freedom In Education Founders Podcast where our co-founders discuss why FIE was formed,...
viewpoint diversity

Viewpoint Diversity For A Better Classroom

Guest Contribution: Breathing Life Back Into Education Through Viewpoint Diversity By: Albert Paulson A few weeks ago, before beginning a lesson, I had my students...

Mas 100.9 Uncion de Dios sobre la Tierra

Watch our Co-Founder, Director of Outreach and Head of FIE's Hispanic Initiative on Mas 100.9 here.      
Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education: Who is Alice Bailey and How Did We Get Here?

Spiritual Education: Our First Series By: Brody Petska It would be difficult to deny the fact that education in the United States has changed drastically...
Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 8.47.58 AM

Beware Barracoon- Ibram X. Kendi Could Be Coming to a School Near You!

Ibram X. Kendi hit the road promoting his latest book, ‘Barracoon,’ and Atlanta made the tour list– from the Fulton County Library and Druid Middle...
Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 9.02.00 AM

Opinion: Let voters determine school choice not the government. Put an amendment on the ballot.

As Seen In The Courier-Journal  By: Beanie Geoghegan, Opinion Contributor This past week, students, parents and educators gathered in Frankfort to voice their support for...

Public Schools need School Choice

ALL students in American deserve a high quality education!  Public Schools are in great need for School Choice. Competition is the cornerstone of American innovation;...
Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.15.5

Opinion: Whether fast food or schools, Georgians should have it their way

As seen in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Click Here To Read The Full Opinion-Editorial BY: Maureen Downey Jan 24, 2024 Melissa Jackson of Alpharetta is...

When Families Have A Choice, They Have A Voice

As seen in the Independent Women's Forum In recent weeks, parents from two different local private schools in my area have reached out to express...
School choice for teachers in the classroom

School Choice: Empowering Teachers’ Voices

Educational Choice is Necessary for Teachers When the topic of school choice is discussed, the first thing that usually comes to mind is students and...

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