Kentucky School Choice: Our Stories

Kentucky School Choice: Our Stories

What is Kentucky School Choice Stories?

Kentucky School Choice Stories is a project to show some personal stories, so people will be able to understand why we need school choice in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Supreme Court has struck down all attempts at school choice, saying they violated the Kentucky Constitution, so, in order to be able to have school choice, we need an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution. That means, the state legislature has to pass the amendment to put it on the ballot, and then the people need to vote for the amendment in November.

Please call the legislative hotline at 800-372-7181 and leave a message for your state Senator and Representative to vote for school choice.

Our Stories:

This is Beanie’s School Choice Story – “Their hearts, minds and souls are being nourished..”

This is Misty’s School Choice Story – “I just want my son to be safe…”

This is Resa’s School Choice Story – “Even at the best school in the state, you can have a child who doesn’t fit in the system and isn’t well served…”


School choice for teachers in the classroom
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