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Parents, grandparents, teachers, and students are why grassroots organizations like Freedom In Education exist. We are here to be a voice for those who have been silenced, advocate for those who are unable, and listen to those ignored by others. This is where you can freely share your negative experiences and struggles in k-12 education. We also strongly encourage you to share your positive experiences, examples of implementing solutions effectively, and victories over the challenges. Courage is contagious; your success stories could infect others to make a difference in their community.

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Harmful curriculum or other content
Inability to access your child’s curriculum
Inappropriate classroom activities, lessons, videos or homework
Inappropriate conversations or questions in the classroom
Lack of parental consent regarding surveys or inappropriate survey questions
Victories that you or your child have experienced in championing your rights or pushing back on harmful content
How your school responds to opt-out requests
Your assessment of a particular curriculum in your child’s classroom
Tips for communications with your child’s teacher or school administration that you found to be productive
Feedback on alternatives to government school options in your district

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