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Freedom in Education: New Organization Puts Critical Resources Within Reach of All Parents and Communities

It’s a plea you hear everywhere – why is no one doing anything? The schools are terrible. Children aren’t learning the basics. The role of...

A Firm Foundation is Necessary

Training students to be activists before they fully understand why our country was founded, how our government is supposed to function, and...
Conveyor training_Students

The Educational Conveyor Belt

Time for a safety check! I never considered myself a great student as a kid. I was somewhat quiet in school, which allowed me to...

The Trouble with Trauma-Informed Education

For many students, school is where they experience the most trauma. Admittedly, my children experienced a wonderful, relatively carefree childhood void of any serious trauma...

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Public schools don’t have a funding problem; they have a focus problem. Recently, my school district was given a generous donation of washers and dryers to serve...

So Many Good Books, So Little Time

With limited time and space in the school day and schoolhouse, we should carefully discern what fills both. Like many parents across the country, I...
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Meet Freedom In Education (English)

Freedom in Education (FIE), a national nonproFt pending GHI(c)(J), is thrilled to announce the launch of their organization. FIE has assessed the most destructive aspects...
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Meet Freedom in Education (Spanish)

Freedom in Education (FIE), una organización nacional sin Dnes de lucro pendiente a la aprobación de EFGc(H), se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de su...
America meet freedom

America, Meet Freedom!

If you are reading this, it is safe to say we share something in common. You are either a parent, teacher, grandparent, or concerned citizen...

Effective School District Communications

I don’t know about you but when my first kid started school, I would still get those same feelings about talking to the principal that...

Freedom of Information 101

In a previous article, we discussed the difference between curriculum and standards. We also discussed how some school districts are making it very difficult for...

Standards vs Curriculum 101

Summer is winding down and kids across America are making their way back to the classroom. Grocery lists are filled with lunch box items instead...

Appealing Controversial Materials 101

Unless you have been living off the grid, you have seen or heard parents raising valid concerns over the controversial content in school media centers...

FIE’s Dedicated Education Page on CD Media Espanol

Check out Freedom in Education's Media page on CM En Espanol
Under The Dome Newsletter

Under the Dome | Coalition Power | Vol. 23

Things are heating up in Georgia and it’s exactly what we need. There has been no summer break for the grassroots. Our awesome power and...

School System Shuts Down as Students Stranded on Buses After First Day Back

After a long first day of school Wednesday, hundreds of students in Louisville, Kentucky, were stuck on school buses until almost 10 p.m. The school...

A Pawn, A Guinea Pig, Or An Acorn

The perspective in which policymakers approach the education of children matters. As a parent, how do you want those in charge of your child’s education...

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