Virtues Cultivation: A Q&A With Big Sky Life Books

Virtues Cultivation: A Q&A With Big Sky Life Books

By: Sabrina Caserta

In honor of Freedom In Education’s virtues campaign we wanted to highlight one of our partners in our Good Book Drive- Big Sky Life Books-  an online children’s bookstore dedicated to providing wholesome books to families. We had the pleasure of a Q&A session with one of Big Sky’s founders, Lindsey– a mother, entrepreneur, and former Chief Clerk for the Montana House of Representatives– who started this mission with her husband. We’ll let her do the rest of the talking:

1. What is Big Sky Life Books? What’s your mission?
Big Sky Life Books is an online children’s bookstore and your trusted source for wholesome, thoroughly vetted, books for children. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for parents and grandparents seeking stories that ignite imagination and preserve childhood innocence. At Big Sky Life Books, there are no hidden agendas or surprises. We meticulously select each book to ensure it aligns with our wholesome biblical values and promotes positive character traits.  
2. Why did you start Big Sky? What’s Big Sky’s ultimate vision?
We started Big Sky Life Books out of a deep concern for the agendas being promoted in traditional bookstores and libraries. We realized that parents and grandparents were struggling to find safe and wholesome literature for their children, without being exposed to inappropriate content. Our own experiences as parents fueled our determination to create a trusted resource where families could confidently browse and purchase books for their young ones. 

Our ultimate vision for Big Sky Life Books is to become the go-to alternative to giant online retailers like Amazon when it comes to selecting children’s books. We envision a platform where families feel secure allowing their children to explore and choose their next literary adventure. Our commitment to pre-reading and vetting every single book ensures that parents and grandparents can trust the content without hesitation.

Additionally, we aim to extend our reach beyond individual families. We aspire to be the preferred resource for libraries and schools, providing them with a carefully curated selection of books that aligns with our mission to promote virtues and safeguard childhood innocence. By becoming a trusted partner for educators and librarians, we hope to contribute to the cultivation of a love for reading and learning in children everywhere.

3. When we’re seeing what’s happening nationwide with our children’s literature, why is combating sexually explicit content with ‘virtues cultivation’ so important?

What children read profoundly shapes their perceptions, attitudes, and ultimately, their character. As Philippians 4:8 wisely advises, we should focus our minds on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

At Big Sky Life Books, we take this responsibility seriously. Our carefully curated selection serves as a protective barrier, shielding young minds from harmful content while nurturing their imaginations with stories that exemplify solid values and character traits. By providing families with a trusted resource for wholesome literature, we empower parents and grandparents to actively shape the literary landscape of their homes, with stories that celebrate wholesome family values and safeguard childhood innocence.

4. Why do you believe our children’s books are under siege? What’s the most destructive aspect to what’s going on today and what are some ways concerned parents, grandparents, teachers, and communities can get more involved in countering the sexually explicit content they’re seeing in their schools and libraries?

If we fail to teach our children about truth, the world will eagerly fill that void with its own narrative, often laden with lies and distortions. Books play a significant role in shaping children’s beliefs and perceptions, making them a prime target for those seeking to influence young minds. We become what we read. All it takes is a trip through the children’s section of the library or a quick scroll on Amazon to see what is happening first-hand.

We must stand firm for truth and equip our children by instilling fundamental values and biblical principles.

By building wholesome libraries for our children and grandchildren, we create safe havens where they can encounter stories that demonstrate positive character traits like courage, perseverance, kindness, and respect. virtuesWe provide books that inspire children to create, build and explore. Our goal is to fill their minds with incredible stories to prompt imagination and adventure.

As parents, grandparents, and members of our communities, we must remain vigilant about what our children are reading and consuming. Paying attention to the content of children’s books is critical.

We can also take proactive steps to counter the proliferation of sexually explicit content in schools and libraries by advocating for the inclusion of wholesome books. By sending wholesome books to schools, requesting specific titles for library purchases, and raising awareness about the importance of protecting childhood innocence, we can actively participate in the fight to safeguard our children’s hearts and minds.

Now is the time to actively engage in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children. We cannot afford to remain passive bystanders while the cultural tide threatens to erode the values we hold dear. Let us stand together and commit ourselves to doing whatever we can to raise up a generation of strong, truth-loving children who will boldly defend what is true, pure, and good. The time for action is now, and together, we can make a difference.

5. What’s your all-time favorite children’s book, and why?

Tough question! I have so many favorites and the list grows as I discover more books! For discipleship, I enjoy Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey. For littles, I love rhyming books like Bear Hug and Road Work. For books demonstrating character traits, I recommend the Flicka Ricka Dicka and Snipp Snapp Snurr series. And for incredible stories, check out our history section!

6. What message do you have for our readers, if anything?

I absolutely love what Freedom in Education is doing and am honored to be a part of it! You all are making a difference and it’s so refreshing to see people getting involved and deciding to do something that will impact the children – our future leaders. Let’s do this!

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