Whole Child Education: It’s not what you think.

Whole Child Education: It’s not what you think.

Whole Child: It’s not what you think | Ep. 9


Freedom in Education talks about the dangers of Whole Child with Suzanne Phillips on the Informed Parent.  Learn more here under Government Attempts to Control the Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul of our Children.


The Informed Parent
Tune in to The Informed Parent, from the THINQ Media Podcast Network, to get the guidance you need to parent with purpose, disciple with direction, and leave an intentional legacy


“We’re talking about who’s behind the scenes in the realm of education…When you ask a parent, ‘Who is teaching your child? Who is leading your child?’ we used to think Mrs. Jones in room 203, but that’s no longer the case…In order to understand who’s truly teaching your child, you have to understand who all the players are….” In this episode, Suzanne interviews Melissa and Apryl Dukes-McDaniel, co-founders of Freedom in Education. They dig into the Whole Child education model—what it is, what it’s not…and who’s behind the redesign. Parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators–don’t miss this! Tune in to hear the implications and dangers of the Whole Child framework and the more positive alternatives to this approach.

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